Sunday, August 15, 2010

Failed Series: Fay, Kodiak, Matt Helm, Longstreet, Matt Helm

I love failed TV shows, here's a few favorites I saw on the internets. Yes, the internets!

Fay- 1975-76- You can take off a lot of things, but don't take off Fay, don't take off Fay! Clearly my cries were unheeded. The always cool Lee Grant starred in this 1975 sitcom for NBC. Fay was a divorcee in her '40s trying to start a new life, somewhere. From the clip, you can see this show had promise--and some obstacles. Character actor Jack Silver played Fay's ex-husband. Even two seconds was too much of that character. How could people think Fay had any sense being married to that monstrosity. Sadly, this show didn't go. While this show was reminiscent of MTM programs of the same time, Fay was written and produced by Danny Thomas Productions.

Sad Fact: I remember this not only that I was pissed when it was canceled. How about was I? 7? Sad really...

Kodiak-1974- This show is weird enough for me to have watched. ABC wasn't really doing that well during this season this was one of the shows that was supposed to aid in a comeback. It was not to be. Clint Walker played a lawman in Alaksa and we can see what fun the show could have been. I mean you have snow, grenades, wise locals--classic stuff. There was only one thing wrong with this picture: Reality. Kodiak was pitted against Sanford and Son. You know, Sanford and Son when it still actually funny. Oops a' daisy.

Note: The series before the Kodiak clip was Everything Money Can't Buy starring Bert Convy, Brenda Vaccaro and Jose Ferrer. Despite its presence in the ABC Lineup promo, the show was a pilot that didn't air. Dammit!!! !

Longstreet-Everyone remembers Longstreet. Longstreet was a drama starring James Franscius as an insurance investigator who got blinded. He also lost his wife in he blast. Well at least this show started off on a happy note. From the clips we see what Longstreet could have been, you know, playing tennis, driving, texting and whatnot. It was no use. The blind aspect had to be a part of his show so the viewers got the thrill of seeing Francisus in dark glasses with a guide dog. Exciting! I think I have his action figure around here somewhere--cane not included...

Part 2: Bruce Lee did a few appearances here. Lee was clearly kicking around the TV screen a lot before the big screen beckoned.

Matt Helm-1975- I expected him to be much taller... Matt Helm was a feature film series starring Dean Martin. There were four films made from 66-68. TV being the timely medium is got around to doing a TV version--7 years later. This time it's Tony Franciosa. Looks like most of the wise-cracking and late '60s cool is kind of in this and in 1975, it's a totally weird energy. This was started by a pilot film and 13 subsequent episodes. It didn't work.
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