Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Is Up With The Smell At Subway?

Wow, am I glad to be an investigative reporter again. I haven't been so happy since the day I tried to smoke a banana peel for a buzz.

Today I'm putting on my sleuthing cap for a problem that's reportedly plaguing Subway's across the globe: The wretched smell. You know it if you can't come close to identifying it. On some occasions it hits as you hit the door, that funky smell. It's in the air as you wait in line, make you sandwich and the odor is with you as you hit the door and on the way out. I've wondered what it is, and here's a few ideas...

1.) Poor cleaning habits- Perhaps there is a cleaning agent that is used specifically for Subway. It is used to do the floors--and it's not done well. The smell is reminiscent of hot pee pee water and a dirty mop.Heh, oddly enough Big Joe Turner did a song with the exact same title. No one has ever smelled this smell at McDonalds, Quiznos's or even lost and lonely ol' Burger King.Yep, they still have Burger Kings.

2.) Baking Bread- I'm not inclined to go along with the bread theory. As a matter of fact, you can go to any place that had sub rolls in the world and they don't taste (or smell) like Subway. Really when was the last time anyone's smelled bread like that outside of a grade-school "old bread gets moldy" science experiment.

3.) A Combination Of A Lot of Things- How's that for being clear. This is probably more like it. Subway has quite a few "food" items that aren't found on other planets let alone other restaurants. There's the white cheese (it's all white), the onions that smell like gym BO, and of course, the meat products. For example, all of the meats in the Non-Classic Cold Cut are turkey based. Yuck/why.

Postscript: I was walking past a Subway last night, the door was closed and I still smelled that rank odor. What is it.? What's Subway? Where am I....That's some noxious stuff.
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