Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Brian McKnight Show

For those who need a refresher, Brian McKnight is a singer, he has hits, mostly in the '90s. Like most singers of his genre, he's not scaling the upper climbs of the charts, hence this syndicated program, the Brian McKnight Show. The show consists of Brian clearly doing on the fly interviews with celebrities he finds remotely interesting. According to rumor, Brian tackles his "prey" injects them with a paralyzing agent and after they come to, they just have to talk. On the specific episode I saw (it's 1 hour?) Brian talked to about 8 people, 7 too many. It's so bad, I had to watch...

The Guests-  A lot of them. Brian tried to outcool Common, acted like he was a cross between Rakim and Laurence Olivier and then basically begged for a job singing hook like it was 1996 all over again. Heavier things took precedent. Celebrities were gathered in New Orleans for some Haiti stuff and Brian interviewed more folks. Mike Tyson was wearing an odd jacket talking his ol' bull like olden day. What a special language Tyson  has. He's like a thesaurus with every other page ripped out. Spike Lee said absolutely nothing and had to confess he wasn't just there for just Haiti but also the Super Bowl. He's just an old softy. Gabrielle Union was there, she didn't say anything especially important either.

The Guests 2:- Brian went to Hawaiis and interviewed a ukulele man. Sadly they didn't have a death match where the Ukulele Man wrapped a 1,000 dollar "goodtar" on McKnight head. I can dream. The reason why I watched this "junk" was because of El DeBarge. DeBarge did an interview, seemed a little nervous and talked about writing stuff. It was a nice moment until Brian introduced him with, "Putting light skinned brothers back on the map..." How gauche. Anyhoo, El sounded great, and made sitting though McKnight's corniness somewhat worthwhile.

Grade: **1/2  Dotched a notch for tomfoolery.
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