Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Horrible Commericals

Tums- I keep seeing this commercial. Scratch that. I keep hearing Todd Rundgren's "Hello It's Me." It's a great song, one of my favorites, one that pretty much that goes right through my nervous system. I simply don't want to hear it everyday. I don't want it associated with Tums. And really how does a song like this get to be identified with an antacid?

YouTube Chatter: I can't believe people don't know who sings this song or worse, don't know what the song's title is. Oh come on...

Reese's- Another instance. This time, it's Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." Strange thing about "Let's Get It On" it's not one of my favorites. Frankly I heard enough of it a long, long time ago and in an odd way (especially out of context) it drives me insane.

Part 2: Insane!

eHarmony- I've had enough of this, these corny ass commercials. Thankfully I've spared you of my "fun" experience with that company. Needless to say my relationship was "On-Hold" and now it's "Closed." Hell, shit!

Part 2: The first commercial annoys me the most. The googly-eyed guy in the blue shirt is pretty much a testament to staying alone forever. If I find love, will I look psychotic too? The girl is just there, probably afraid that fool's going to snap one day and break her Hello Kitty knick-knacks. The second spot is just as bad. These two not only found love, but they also have a business together, oh my goodness, isn't that delightful? No.

Chris Brown-Doublemint-How soon they forget. Pop culture was dealt a mighty blow when the altercation between Chris Brown and Rhianna hit the airwaves. In any event, the night Brown went crazy on Rhianna drew this revolting campaign to a close. Never again will see this green monstrosity cluttering our T&V airwaves.

This is the last picture we'll ever see of these three together again. Chris Brown's license as a gum ambassador has been revoked!
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