Monday, December 08, 2008

I Haz A Sad

Sadly I've been complaining more than usual and that's shocking. Here's a few things that have caused me some mental distress.

If you haven't heard the news, Archway Cookies are closing up shop. Sadly being the 10th best cookie isn't enough anymore. This is the last Archway product I bought this year. It seems promising, some people actually liked this cookie. Sadly, I have a sensitive system and these had me all but crying. The lemon in these biscuits is a world away from what Trini Lopez used to sing about. Whatever is in the Iced Lemonade could clear people out faster than teargas. The smell of these things will linger long after the factory closes its doors.

Update: I'm going to miss Archway Cookies and the way they were so delicately stored on the bottom of the shelves, away from the remotely edible cookies.

Oh good lord, just sends the f....

I won this auction what seems to have been 15 years ago. It's only 3, the Van McCoy and the Lenny White aren't going to be played. I got this for the Blue Magic tape, "Thirteen Blue Magic Lane." Yeah, that happy album. Anyway, it's one of my faves and looking forward to hearing it on tape. Was is the operative word. Ever since the auction closed, the seller has all but exchanged e-cards with me, everything but sending these tapes. It's not like it was a grand transaction, it was 4.00 tops. The wait is insane.

The Hold-Up: The seller wanted to hold these so I could save on shipping for another order.

The Verdict: It's time-stalling BS

What They Better Do: Send these old-ass tapes!

Update: That was a couple of days ago. I got these tapes and they were wrapped in newspapers and pieces of Styrofoam. How ritzy! To add insult to injury, the Blue Magic tape sounds like some kid dragged one of those Radio Shack magnets over it back in 1976. Sounds like shit. Luckily I have the album or else I'd put my foot up somebody's...

David Gregory Named the New Host of Meet the Press- Where were you when the world stopped turning? Yesterday, drunk and Peyronnie's disease sufferer dropped the bomb that Skeletor was going to be new host of Meet the Press. Heavy sigh. It's not like MTP was a bastion of scintillating political discourse, old-school sleep inducers like Garrick Utley and a young Chris Wallace acted as "hosts" before Tim Russert showed up. Still seeing this guy as the host of one of my favorite shows? I don't know...

Review of the Dance Clip: First off, I think this raw camera to TV footage more accurately captures the horror within. Let's hope David never stops dancing.
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