Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three Odd Clips

Sometimes I wish I didn't have an internets. I can to see weird-ass stuff like this. I'm shocked, amazed and oddly speechless. Really.

Jackie Wilson- You Better Know It- That was Jackie Wilson with "That's Why Part 2." This seems like a fairly innocuous clip, but I find it disturbing on a lot of levels. First, there's that cartoon hot beverage mug, totally creepy. Also it's odd seeing Jackie Wilson at that Squares Convention. Jackie was a good sport though, spinning around like a whirling dervish, nearly falling and all but dancing for pennies.

Good News: Jackie Wilson's You Better Know It suit is on sale on eBay as we speak.

Barack Obama- Singing... Obama again? Yeah why not. He's an interesting guy, nice wife too. I'm totally over the fact that Michelle left me for Barack, it's cool... Anyway, I stumbled on this clip and this sent me further past the brink of insanity. For those who can't stand 20 odd seconds of stump speech, the "magic" happens at :22. Barack Obama is singing. Safe to say he's no Teddy Pendergrass and the sound of it makes me what to shoot my fool head clean off.

4 and a Half Jacksons- Body- Ok, I'll admit it, I think this is kind of cool. Oddly enough, recorded this off the radio, had the "real" cassette and album and never saw this video "back in the day." It is a bit strange though. Jermaine wasn't present and Michael was probably doing something close to nothing with Bubbles. The brothers in the video are Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Randy. What's left of the Jackson 6 were scouring the globe looking for hot bodies for their big time dance number. They found them, about 100 or so of them. The big reveal? All of the guys left can't really dance. Oops!

Greatest American Killing Machine: Tito Jackson Although it's a bit past Veterans Day, let's pause and give our thanks to Admiral/Sergeant/Colonel Jackson. He bravely fought our terrorists abroad so we wouldn't face them at home. But then again he's a terrorist too so...
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