Sunday, October 26, 2008

Take A Seat Awards

I was about to do a humdinger of a diary entry about my beloved 8 tracks when more pressing news presented itself. These fools. I'm frankly sick of looking at them, thinking about them, seeing them. It's with love that I offer them to "take a seat" or "sit they ass down." It's their pick, it's all semantics from here...

Jesse Jackson- Now you know... Not many people picked up this story, but this picture puts a shudder in my bones. For the past few years we've seen a slow and steady decline of relevance with Jesse Jackson. On Fox News (off mike) he called for the castration of one Barack Obama. Add that to the fact that he's just been doing something close to nothing for years, I had to nominate him for this esteemed award. Frankly, he's a shoo in and this picture put him over the top.

Recap For Those Who Fell To Sleep The First Time: There's Jackson pictured with that fire breathing dragon Sarah Palin: The Democrat Hater. Instead of trying to uplift the youth, Jesse's getting his jollies hanging out with a woman who shoots wolvesmoose from a plane. Disgusting. The good news? Wolfmeese are off the endangered species lists, so are unicorns.

Cloris Leachman- I've grown callous with the years, totally lost my joie de vivre. How do I know? I don't care about Cloris Leachman on Dancing With the Stars. I get the backstory, she's 199, been around for years but I hate the show and I just don't give a hoot about her cutting a rug. In fact, I implore her to stop before she hurts herself. She's not going to be satisfied until she breaks something and the sound makes Tom Beregon fall out and crack his skull.

Advice: Stop

Joe the Plumber. You know we're near the end times when this blank slate makes front page news. In the third and last debate some derivative guy, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, nee Joe the Plumber was constantly brought up by John McCain and than Barack Obama. Joe (a 'Publican) ambled over to an outside meeting when Barack was talking with a group of folks. Joe asked a few nasty ass questions and he got on camera. See? He got some face time and a little kid didn't have to fall down a well. Not surprisingly "Joe" has proven to be a testy character, a non-licensed plumber and another scaredy cat running to Sidney McCain.
Shut Up Joe: This fool thinking about running for Congress, Congress?

John McCain-Heard to believe this wreck of a man was asked to be Kerry's running mate in 2004. Great call. Now we see a man who has grown even more repugnant with the years. In his campaign we have a fetid brew of ineptitude, racial politics, and willful stupidity among others problems. In layman's terms, McCain is basically a man who has a personality disorder. His early days pretty much describe him as a prick and that's the one thing that hasn't changed about him.

Part 2, 32, 54 and 5: I hate him.
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