Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Worst Trades Ever

I read the news about young, John Odom I hope he has an indomitable spirit because he was traded for maple bats. Still these weren't the worst trades I've ever heard off, I can think of some others....

Carmen Fanzone- A old-time fan- Carmen Fanzone has become a pop culture favorite perhaps due to his oddly colorful 1975 baseball card. He didn't do a heck of a lot on the field though. That didn't stop this 1975 trade from being on the unsettling side. In something described as a "clerical error," Carmen Fanzone was traded for a fan, an actual working electric fan.

While Fanzone groused from the sidelines, the fan ended hitting 20 home runs.

Luis Tiant Traded for Cartoon Cow Set. True by 1983 Luis has lost a little of his zip, but still that doesn't excuse the indignity of a trade that's enough to make anyone queasy. Trading southpaw reliever Luis Tiant for not one but two ceramic cows.

The California Angels were fans of knick-knacks and so the unthinkable happened...

In an even more shocking move, in 1996, Luis Tiant was traded for Luis Tiant. He had been out of baseball for nearly 18 years.

Ed Kranepool: Traded For a Prostitute. By the early '80s the Mets had turned to youth. In response it decided to drop kick those who were team members who were as old as me. One of the first causalities of the youth movement was one Ed Kranepool. He was traded to the Twins, for a streetwalker.

never played as a Twin, he was too shook up. The aforementioned prostitute went .168 at 3 at bats.

John "Blue Moon" Odom: Dealt for Stereo Equipment. Same name, different time, same old tragedy...You don't hear much about Blue Moon Odom anymore. He was a character, he only played night games with a blue moon. He had issues. When it came time for the White Sox to deal Odom to the young Blue Jays, what they got in turn was special. What they got was a stereo. Now this wasn't any ol' stereo but high end audio system advertised in Playboy magazine. When asked about this odd twist of fate Odom recounted, "Yeah it's weird being traded for a stereo, but it was a rocking Marantz."

When asked about this odd twist of fate Odom recounted, "Yeah it's weird being traded for a stereo, but it was a rocking Marantz."

Chris Sabo/Baseball Bat Donut-Chris Sabo was a gamer. He played with the vim and vigor of 15 B.J. Surhoffs. But when it came time for the Orioles to "loose" him off the team, they had to get something in return. In this case, it was a bunch of baseball bat donuts.

Contrary to popular belief those things don't grow on trees, they've got to come from somewhere....
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