Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kind of Watching It Videos

I'm having so much fun watching videos, it's really a lost art. Here's a few of my favorites...

Schoolly D- King of New York-Everyone remembers Schoolly D. As of this printing he's still with us but this is his unrepentant, darkly hilarious peak. D of course was made even more famous for his music being used in Abel Ferrera's 1990 classic, King of New York. Laurence "Larry" Fishburne decided to fall by the video shoot and clearly lost his mind and still thought he was Jimmy Jump. Classic stuff.

What Ended The Partnership: One day Schoolly D's 8 went off and Larry cried like a little girl.

Here's a candid of Christopher Walken and Giancarlo Esposito at my blog's Disco Party.

Rick James-Loosey's Rap- They don't make them like this anymore. They didn't make them like this by 1989. This is one of James's most nasty tracks--and that's why I love it. I have no idea what Loosey is doing--but knowing where Rick's head was at, it's nothing good. For this video we see a more ornate Rick James--and he looks a bit odd.

The Truth: Rick looks so high he's three feet off the ground.

During the end of the video we see Kelly Rutherford, from Generations and Melrose Place, having a lot of fun in the shower.

Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson-Whatzupwitu?- Better question is: What's up..with them? Geez Louise. This nightmare came from Eddie Murphy's 1993 Motown album "Love's Alright." We all know who's helping him out--Michael Jackson. Really? Jackson doesn't look too bad here and this is where the plastic surgery should have stopped. The problem here is all Eddie Murphy, he can't sing. The video isn't too spiffy either, two entertainers dancing in the crowds, cartoons--tons of corniness. And really? The camaraderie between these two can't make up for flying musical notes and peace signs.
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