Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Favorite Cancelled Medical Dramas

Private Practice

I caught the Grey's Anatomy episode with the backdoor Private Practice pilot. I didn't like it. First off the name is totally derivative, it actually reminded me of that late '80s syndicated medical drama, Family Medical Center. Dr. Miles Jaffe was always so trustworthy. Anyway, these are a few shows that Private Practice reminds me off...

Purely Coincidental: Oddly enough all of the below shows are cancelled? That's just weird...

Gideon's Crossing (2000-2001) Hard to believe that Andre Braugher's ensemble drama didn't take off. Well, it's not that perplexing, this show never caught on. We can see on the right, Eric Dane plus a few other folks who are now appearing on other shows. That's nice.

Status: On the bubble--for nearly a decade...

Presidio Med (2002-2003)

Now this was a great cast. Dana Delany, Anna Devere Smith, Julianne Nicholson and Blythe Danner. The only problem? It wasn't a great show. After being burnt by Chicago Hope's implosion, it didn't really have the patience for this show to get better.

Heartbeat (1989) Look what I found from the Totally Kate site. Despite Kate Mulgrew's charm and star power, this show had an odd start. Between the pilot and the first show, two characters changed their names. Most egregiously Mulgrew's name changed from Joanne Springsteen to the less flashy Joanne Halloran. It didn't help. ABC wasn't a great place for this. In a way, this was ahead of its time and probably would have flourished on Lifetime--about three years later.

City of Angels (2000)

Now doubt this Steven Bochco show ran the gamut before it was unceremoniously canned. City of Angels CBS series was headed by Blair Underwood. The co-stars here were very impressive and included Maya Rudolph, Hill Harper, Gabrielle Union. Union, Kyle Secor and pre-50 Cent Vivica A. Fox.

CBS Sucks: The network had little faith in this. I wouldn't mind seeing this on DVD, VHS or Laser Disc for the heck of it.

3 LBS (2006-2006)

3 LBS=3 episodes apparently. This debuted in the 2006/07 season for CBS before it was snatched off the air. This show starred Stanley Tucci and Mark Feuerstein and that was all she wrote. From the look of that publicity still, the show was clearly going to be a barrel of laughs.
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