Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tyra Banks's Greatest Hits

You know some might feel this is premature but I say this is right on time. If I could have I would have complied a "Greatest Hits" for Tyra Banks after her first show. Why? Because her show is chocked full of stupid/moronic moments, every day is a cringe-worthy gem. Here are a few of the more boneheaded moments from the show.

Note: Often it's the show's real title or what happened. Anyway, it's all stupid stuff...

Tyra: Face Your Fears. On this entry, Tyra talked it and walked it. While millions of Americans are facing tremendous issues, Tyra shared hers: A Fear of Dolphins. That fact led one Iraq war veteran to say, "Damn, there's someone with real problems." For the katrillions of folks in the world with Dolphinphobia, Tyra cried, eventually went to (gasp!) Sea World and touched a dolphin! The horrors!

Baby's Got Bacteria- This potentially hard-hitting subject of bacteria was taken down to grade-level with Banks's fixation on talking about fecal matter. Certainly that is a big part of the bacteria deal and for the layman's Professor Banks broke it down to "dookie" and repeatedly said it over and over.

Silliest Moment: When Tyra asked where there was so much "dookie." You know why, Einstein? It's because people don't wash their hands. Mystery...solved!

Tyra Banks Becomes A Stripper-Got to hand it to her, either she's totally naive or a great actress. I'm leaning towards great actress. In this installment, Tyra becomes a stripper by disguising herself into a woman who looks like Tyra Banks in disguise. On the show Banks said she wanted to know why guys go to strip clubs. Yes, please solve that mystery.

Top Models Reveal the Whole Truth: I saw the show where America's Next Top Model Naima Mora and her twin sister Nia join the fun. You know, I'd love to see Naima's modeling career really take off instead of doing something like this. Banks was horrible throughout this episode. Tyra can't be accused of continuous, normal emotions so she was able to smile at the most inappropriate times during the interview. What's so funny Tyra? Not a damn thing, quit clowning!

A Programming Note:
I also saw a crudely edited recap episode highlighting the trials and whines of "Top Models" from ANTM. It's getting crazy over there...

They're real, yippee...
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