Sunday, July 16, 2006

Little Giant Ladders®

There's Richard Karn. Tell me he's not racking up crazy stats as the king of the mediocre. Jackass: As Seen On TV....

Oh hi, I was greeted with a treat before starting an evening of nightmares-a-go-go. I saw the future via an informercial; a commercial about a magical tool that gives us 24 ladders in one. I know, I know, I'm crying too, but let me explain. The Little Giant Ladder is a ladder we can adjust. According to this commercial, this is not rickety or "scary" in fact, it's the best thing ever.

Like many of us, I was afraid of this contraption until I saw Richard Karn being the pitchman for this. The ladder itself is a lot of fun and clearly indestructible. They had this "specialist" all but dousing it in gasoline--yet the ladder survived. I'm so happy about that. The Little Giant Ladder will cost you 4 payments of $89 dollars--that's nearly $400 for a ladder.

Colin Powell says, "Hi!"
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