Monday, March 20, 2006

Will Katie Couric Leave Today Already?

Argh, tell me this isn't true. Reportedly Katie Couric just might be leaving the Today show for the CBS network anchor job. Say it isn't so! As pictured is Katie, Matt, Al and Ann, the names moronicly sung on that long-gone promo. I'll be devastated if any member of this stellar lineup leaves to "explore other opportunities." In any event, these are the people who could replace Couric.

Getting to see Campbell Brown on a regular basis isn't going to hurt anything. She's hot, smart as a whip and actually enjoyable to watch. Brown is presently the co-host of Weekend Today which is also known as "The Today My Local Affiliate Doesn't Ever Play."

If Brown is picked, Les Holt will be unable to perform his duties and will turn to stone.

Meredith Vieira-- Doesn't this make perfect sense--and talk about picking up where you left off. In recent years, Couric has become annoying. Good news, Meredith Viera has always been annoying--but she's actually interesting.

Pro: Of course if Vieira takes the Today show gig, she'll leave that pitiable insane asylum known as the View. Talk about an upgrade. Getting a solid, truly news based job and getting to leave Star Jones and Elisabeth Hasselback. Thinking about that makes me "excited."

Bob Schieffer- For years, Schieffer has connected with viewers with his life as a single mom. An especially sharing correspondent, we've seen Schieffer deliver children, battle alcoholism and of course do reports from Mars. For the Today Show, I think he's be a perfect fit.

Well there's an obvious choice. Ann Curry's seemingly been in line for this gig since David Hartman was on GMA. Here's a question? What's the hold up? She's been more talented than Couric, since forever and why this move wasn't made 4 or 5 years ago--is beyond me.

The Bad News: The move hasn't been made in all of these years. Not cool. According to a rumor Couric and Curry aren't buds and she doesn't want Curry to get the job.

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