Saturday, March 25, 2006

Four Kings Cancelled: Save Our Bad Shows!

The recently axed "Four Kings" made the diminutive Seth Green look that much shorter...

or..."There will be no more feigned laughter and camaraderie for you Four Kings, be gone!

Spoiler Alert. It looks like lovers of fine programming have been dealt a disappointment, the big hit "Four Kings" has been cancelled. I guess we've gotten selfish, we actually want our comedies to be funny. I'm not through with this show however. "Four Kings" officially joins the list of television shows I'm trying to get back via an aggressive letter writing campaign. Be forewarned, I'm using my fountain pen so I mean business.

Bodies of Evidence- Insiders have said that "Bodies of Evidence" is Clooney's favorite role and he'd love to come back. Not to toot my own horn but George sent me an email and basically stated, "Jason, my best work was when I played Ryan Walker on Bodies of Evidence..." Clooney is especially looking forward to working with Lee hoarsely again. But then again, who wouldn't.

Baywatch Nights- It seems that being a beloved person across the globe isn't enough for Mr. David Hasselhoff. He's been in the news lately. I know why he's such a gloomy gus; he wants Baywatch--Nights. Let's face it, the original show took a header as soon as they pushed Alexandra Paul out of the way. "Baywatch Nights" on the other hand is a show of untapped potential, more storylines. In fact, I've got my TV tuned for any "Baywatch Nights" showing I can get. I can't wait...

Ally- The world wasn't really ready for "Ally." It was a valiant try, but it was 8 episodes and done. This 30 minute editing nightmare existed in comedy form concurrently with the hit dramady, "Ally McBeal." Now I think we're prepared for such a novel concept. There's no need to actually make new shows, edit down those remaining ep's, put them out of sequence, we'll do the heavy lifting.

Making The Band/Making Crappy CD's.Is this show still on? In any event it hasn't been culturally significant in quite some time. Okay, it never was culturally significant. Instead of bringing in a batch of forgettable girl singers or funny-looking boy band wannabees, why not recruit from within. The next Making The Band should be a "band" of former "winners" battling it out to be the next uber disgusting entity. In my new and improved version it would include both P Diddy and Lou Perlman. There's got to be a place on the schedule where folks have to walk 25 miles for cheesecake and try to ignore one of Uncle Lou's creepy stares...
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