Thursday, November 17, 2005

Where's 90210 alum Hilary Swank??

Lucky Break: Swank's talents caused Joe E. Tata to remain last in the credits.

Oh hi, I'm back. Had to take a few days off, my wrists were sore from those handcuffs. You know I'm a fan of Beverly Hills 90210 and I had the good fortune to catch some of those dreaded later episodes. It's not all bad, in fact there's an actress whose work I really liked, her name is Hilary Swank. This entry isn't for me, it's for us, all of us who'd like to know what happened to Hilary Swank.

Entering the series on its 115th season Swank played single mother Carly Reynolds, Steve's girlfriend. On the show Swank possessed an earthy, coltish beauty that made her fellow female co-stars look even more like buffoons. Swank in fact flipped the script and "actually acted." That's a fact that must have startled Aaron Spelling. So much so, Swank seemed to be phased out of the program as the season went on.

Let's be real; Hilary was canned. She wasn't able to keep up with the acting clinic going on at 90210 with Strasburg trained thespians like Sir Ian Ziering, Jennie Garth and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. Swank was relieved of her duties on the program and perhaps reality set in; she's a great kid but totally not on their level. But then again, who is?

This is where it gets tricky. Some friends have been telling me about another actress named Hilary Swank. Ok, I'll admit there is some resemblance, but I'm not prepared to say she's like a doppelganger or anything. Really it's clear for anyone to see, I'm looking for Hilary Swank not Hilary Swank...

Such a talented actress. Given the proper opportunity I bet she could play anything from a girl living as a boy to a boxer. Hollywood should give her that chance...
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