Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Return of the Dunderheads: Larry King

"...Try try try to understand, he's a non Magic Man..."

I guess the workshops and the intervention didn't take, my dislike for Larry King is increasing. At this point the very idea of him makes me queasy. You know, I'm able to go about my life and be a semi-productive member of society and then the very idea of Larry King sends shivers down my spine. But more than his bumptious manner, I don't like the way Larry King has infiltrated himself into the movie reviewing business.

More and more I'm seeing his reviews attached to films. And really is there a bigger indication your movie sucks if you have to use a Larry King review as a selling point? Then again if those "phantom" and bogus reviews are bad, King's horridness will be only topped by his spectacle of a TV show Larry King Live. In the past few years it's became Bad News Central with King presiding over séances, videos of folks shooting dope and chats with inanimate objects. Although I'm all for "reporters" getting their story, I think Larry trying to interview a hurricane was a bit much.

True confession: I'd like to "show up" on the set and grab Larry by the suspenders and push/roll him in a direction he didn't need to go. Do a review on that!

Larry King having a laugh at my expense. Oh no he didn't!
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