Sunday, November 20, 2005

John Lithgow: What Happened?

John Lithgow needs our help. His Campbell's Selects commercials have to be a plea of some kind. At this point I'm dreading seeing them. It wasn't always like this. The first time I saw them I thought they were pleasant enough. I was a little surprised to see someone of Lithgow's stature doing such a tacky commercial. Make that three commercials so far. They all are hideous and they all make Lithgow look like a jackass.

I find this annoying for various reasons. I think the idea of a "high-end" Campbell soup is a bit ridiculous at this point. The hi-fluent tone of the "menu" is pretty wretch worthy too. You know there's a remedy for all of this: Progresso.

In one spot in particular Lithgow is eating soup and dancing around in his "jammies." See, Campbell's Selects gave him that power. He doesn't have to go to some fancy restaurant for fine food, he can grab a box of soup like the rest of us.

For his own good. Me and my fellow fighters try to prevent John from filming another soul-numbing/self-negating commercial...
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