Thursday, October 13, 2005

Byron Allen: Like Savior Faire He's Everywhere

Thought you could only take Byron Allen in small doses? How about you. I bet you thought you could see that Kickin' It show on the weekend, grimace and then click finding succor in the Golden Girls or that Jenilee Harrison infomercial. No such luck. Byron Allen has again infiltrated late night TV. At least the premise is familiar. Since September, Allen has indeed offered his Entertainment show to the weekly schedule. Sure it's corny, but it beats anything that creepy Jimmy Kimmel has to offer.

With the increased workload and interviews, the question that dogs Allen has become magnified. How in the world does he talk to everybody. There probably hasn't been a celebrity or noteable person he's missed. On his Kickin' It with Byron Allen program some of the interviews aren't exactly revelatory, it's a celebrity BS, mundane questions and off to the next one like so much assembly line. is more of the same with Byron padding the half-hour with overlong, almost plot revealing movie clips. He also offers snippets from stand-up comedians and he's joined the now crowd by showing (get ready) videos. Wow, can't see those anywhere. All and all it's not great, not horrible--Byron Allen, you can't not like him.

Update: I just found out that Byron owns and is the CEO of In layman's terms that means mad, mad dollars, aka, crazy bank. Meanwhile I'm saving pennies in a jar...
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