Friday, September 16, 2005

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney: Split!: An Idiot's Take

Ain't it shame, the Kenny Chesney, Renee Zellweger marriage seems to be kaputski. They met at a tsunami (too-som-mee) event in January 2005, got married in the following April. Despite the brisk timeline this didn't scream, whirlwind romance, more like "cry for help." The two haven't really even been seen in public together since the day of that ridiculous wedding photo, perhaps a concert here or there. Can't say I'm totally surprised, but I am surprised Zellweger initiated the erasing of this "bad judgment call." You know, Kenny felt like a fool when Renee did the paperwork and marked this deal, "fraud." Go write a song about that!

Chesney always struck me as all hat, no cattle, as phony as a stack of 3 dollar bills. I can't stand the sight of him frankly, he gives me the willies.

Renee's no prize romantically and might be damaged goods, in regards to A-Ok mental health. She can either look hot or fairly hideous. Her track record is heinous. Not clear on all of her suitors but that giant-sized nut job Jim Carrey and the wispy and alarming-looking Jack White are danger signs. And doing research for this blog entry, I've found out Zellweger also dated George Clooney. Good lord. Total forgot about that one--if I ever knew it in the first place.

The Upside: Renee Zellweger's single and I'm totally free so she can swallow her pride and ask me out. Kenny Chesney? Whether he cares or not, he'll probably turn tragedy to publishing and refer back to this for eons.

Norman Fell Exploitation Meter:***1/2 I couldn't help myself, this whole deal cracks me up.
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