Saturday, September 17, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot Oddities

As the king of the near-miss, false start, f'ed up luck, I enjoy things that are absurd in entertainment. These are things I always found/find odd, nothing earth-shattering, but certainly something indeed noticeable.

Beverly Hills 90210 exec says, "Forget Brenda, we've got these two..." Here's a big oddity. As Shannen Doherty was on thin ice, the producers obviously had to be thinking of a backup plan. You're looking at both of them. During Doherty's last shows, Kathleen Robertson as Claire Arnold started to appear. The next season? Say hello to "Cousin" Valerie as played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. The way the both were brought into the plots, plus their looks all but said, "Brenda replacements." Despite the Dr. Frankensteen like eye for detail, the deal didn't take completely. For die-hards like me, Doherty couldn't be suitably replaced. The roles given to both Robertson and Thiessen were, in a word, boring. Roberston got the brunt of it, her role fall to pieces and she left in 1997. Thiessen took a powder in 1998. In short, they were signed on 90210 during the true decline.

Wow! They actually look the part. These are the actresses who appeared in 2003's NBC-TV movie Behind the Camera: Charlie's Angels. Got to be honest, I'm not loving the actress who played Farrah Fawcett-Majors. She's certainly attractive but didn't possess that Farrahness so to speak. As for the others? Job well done. Laura Stamile on "Farrah's" left doesn't even look that much like Kate Jackson, but she certainly got the energy--and the voice. Christina Chambers as Jacklyn Smith was great too.
What's odd about this: A made for TV movie, or any movie that actually found actors that resembled the subject. I found a lot of the movie double-take worthy. Except for Tricia Helfer as Farrah. I didn't buy that at all. Still, not bad.

The big star that didn't totally happen. That's my buddy Jake. He's going to show me around LA cause he's such a cool guy. How cool? He's going to set me up with an ex-girlfriend, Jo Reynolds. All seriousness aside, Jake Hanson, Grant Show was a case of an "almost" big star. During the debut of Melrose Place it was clear that Show was intended to be a star on the order of Luke Perry and Jason Priestley. Show also did guest shots as Jake Hanson on Beverly Hills 90210 and Models Inc. The only problem? Jake Hanson went over like a lead balloon. Show stayed with Melrose from 1992-1997 but that Ian Ziering like superstardom has proven elusive.
Kind of Odd: Sure is. Certainly I've seen hype before but a lot of folks might remember how extreme this was, with little pay off. It has been said that Show was wary of the star making machine so that's an explanation/excuse.

Almost Renee Zellweger There's a pic of Renee Zellweger, not! That's Ellen Pompeo. She currently stars in ABC smash hit of today, Grey's Anatomy. Pompeo portrays Meredith Grey. Meredith Grey looks a whole heck of a lot like Renee Zellweger. It's not only the looks, it's the countenance, the vocal cadences, it's like Pompeo is the bot version of Zellweger during the Jerry McGuire days. I'll chalk this up as a happy coincidence.

The case of "Julie Rinna." Julie Pinson was Eve Lambert on Port Charles. She was always attractive, but a little undefined. That's not a problem now and that's the problem. Pinson now appears on Days of our Lives as Billie Reed, the role that Lisa Rinna made famous. She's been having a Lisa Rinna Hootnanny for a couple of years now. In a sense, Pinson has disappeared and become Billie Rinna. They aren't dead ringers, not quite, but often it's like Pinson has exacted Rinna down to her DNA. You know what? I was watching Days of our Lives one day and Pinson even looked like Rinna even as her back was facing the camera, that's dedication.
Oddness: Oh yeah. Often when looking for pics for my "research" there's times when I couldn't tell those two apart. Rinna's pic is on the right. My head hurts.
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