Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot's Nifty Fashions

Hello again. I've got big plans for this blog, big plans. Well not really. In the interim I thought I'd salute those fashion icons, and how they all helped us to dress to impress.

Maury Povich is the perfect "before" and "after" example. See that's when Maury was a part of the establishment. I've got five words for you, drab, drab, drab. Maury looks a hot mess in that getup, doesn't he? That was before his sensibilities got informed by the "nightclubbing," and "discotheques." And the little boy as fashion accesory? Totally uncalled for.

That's what I'm talking about. You can go anywhere in the world with that outfit Maury Povich is wearing right there. Not only did he put up his self-negating anchorman togs, Maury's heightened savvy helped him to sign those big contracts. This is confidental info but me and Maury have a few projects "in the works."

Stefan Urquelle. Now that young man helped me raise my stakes in the fashion game. Under his tutelege I went from my silly uniform of T-shirt and jeans to jeans and a T-shirt. Every now and again he sends me an email asking about whether I'm looking "smooth" or not. When you think about it, his clothing sense helps to camouflage the fact that he suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Stefan Urquelle, I think he'd wear a straitjacket with much gusto.

He looks like a cross between Marge Schott and Jerry Vale...Oops, did I write that? Anyway, that's Classie Fred Blassie. Blassie set the standard. In fact any wrestling match he rigged from the floor to the ceiling always benefited when he slithered into the ring wearing fashions some might call "cringe-worthy." Me? I thought they were dandy. In fact I wish I had a jacket like that. No I don't...
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