Saturday, September 24, 2005

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Almost close to the original artwork!

For some reason, I wanted to call this "Girls on Film" after that catchy Duran Duran hit. That's just dyslexia talking. This is of course, Girls Just Want to Have Fun the 1985 movie starring Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker. This centers a bunch of kids who like to dance on a local dance show. Of course PG hijinks insue. This movie wasn't that great at all, but it sure did happen during an interesting time. Released in 1985, the production values are chippy, pastel, bright and phony. I was there in the '80s, it simply wasn't this fun. In fact this style is so personified you'll be hard pressed to find anything remotely like this in the years following.

I've seen this movie in bits and pieces and I've probably seen it three times. Had to laugh at seeing Helen Hunt--as a high schooler. Although I've been familiar with her work; since she was 10, she always struck me as someone born 27. She's probably less mature here than anything I've seen her in. Sarah Jessica Parker? What's not to say. This caught Parker shortly after Square Pegs and before her hot hot stage starting with 1987's A Year in the Life. Despite their skills, the gals are saddled with a non-existant plot. To add more '80s irrelevance, Jonathan Silverman is here as an especially unlikeable geek Drew Boreman. Heh heh, Boreman. A fourteen year old Shannen Doherty appears as a sister of Parker's character's boyfriend.

Review: Still can't remember a whole heck of a lot here. Girls Just Want to Have Fun has attained a cult status in the past few years. It's kind of justified...

Unguarded Moment: Ahh, don't believe the hype or the revisionist history, this movie was ass bad.
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