Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Current Affair: Cancelled

Extra, Extra! A Current Affair with Tim Green has gotten the boot. First off it was pretty darned to resuscitate this loser in the first place. The original show ran from 1986-1996 and it was always bad. Certainly the hosts like Maury Povich, Bill O' Reilly, and Maureen O' Boyle achieved a type of notoriety, the show was always heavy-handed and a little seedy.

Those facts make it's revival even more jaw dropping. Presiding over this incarnation of the failure was Tim Green. Green is an ex-jock, played football. I know I've seen him anchor some sports program--he's not excatly the raconteur. For A Current Affair he was a leaden presence and way boring. Want to know something odd? Even a cursory look at his resume proves that Tim Green is a learned man. But on this? He sounded like a big, dumb galoot. In some more shocking news, shortly before it's debut A Current Affair boasted that it was not going to do stories on moronic celebs and salacious topics. In one show I managed to see a stomach turning wrestling/midget/sex fest and always moronic Paris Hilton. Given the lowered expectations and shambling proceedings, that was A Current Affair's best show.

What's replacing this:
Fox is replacing A Current Affair with Geraldo Rivera's news program, Geraldo at Large. Oh that title. I don't know whether that's a threat or a grim reality...
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