Monday, August 15, 2005

The Tale of the Two Mr. Wilsons

While Dennis is bird-calling, Mr. Wilson steals a glance at the Mitchell's having sex.

Fun... When I started this blog in 1503, I made it my pledge to only discuss the important issues. In my travels I’ve found that folks can indeed talk about the two Darrin’s, cousin Cindy, yet one talks about the obvious, the Two Mr. Wilsons.

For my money, Dennis the Menace was a classic ensemble piece, the progenitor for critically lauded shows like Cheers, Taxi and Fame. The cast members on DTB worked like a Swiss Clock, impeccable timing and the skills to bring to the table. The chemistry between Dennis and Mr. Wilson is what people most remembers. Joseph Kearns (J.K.) played the role with much gusto. We all had a “Mr. Wilson” in our neighborhood, the nasal, nosy, fussbudget. Although he was an irritant, he taunted as with love. The writers of Dennis the Menace treated the audience with respect, especially on that “special episode” where Mr. Wilson comes up to his last straw and “accidentally” shoots Dennis.

Than tragedy struck as we lost Joseph Kearns. Rather than dealing Dennis and his friend Tommy a big blow, it was explained that George Wilson went to Ohio or as I pronounce it, "Ohias." His brother, John Wilson was there to take over things. His brother was of course played by character actor/ textbook nag Gale Gordon. First off, eerily similarities between those two huh? Twins doesn't really cover those mirror images. Sadly the relationship between Dennis and a Mr. Wilson greatly suffered. Gordon’s Wilson had a disdain that took on a decidedly menacing and a wee bit shrewish tone. That TV Guide cover pic is as good as it got--and that's not that good at all.

Dennis writing a hitman a check to make Mr. Wilson go "bye-bye."
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