Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mariah Carey's Fan Letters, Kicked to the Curb

See folks were trying to forget this. I had to bring it back front and center. A while back it was reported that on a street sat tons of fan letters sent to Mariah Carey. The number was strongly in the hundreds and some were unopened, well most were. What makes this sad is that a lot of the letters were over 15 years old. One can imagine a young boy waiting to hear from his aural fairy god mother. Or how about a young girl needing the kind words from Miss Mariah Carey. Some got it, some didn't, let's examine the folks who got zinged.

If you'd like, click on the letter for a good-old fashioned cry. That's clearly an early Mariah Carey fan. Summer is sharing her love of making smiley faces and her love of Mariah and she got squashed like a bug behind a bus. And how about that PS. The young lady would love an autographed picture and words to live by. By the looks of it that child got big nothing. What a mannerly youth, I think the PPSS is a special touch.

A little bit much. Due to Carey's likable nature a few folks got their wires tripped and actually thought she'd like to see family picture. Think again. These photos were on the scrap heap too. I feel the most sorry for that sailor fella. As he took the high seas, thoughts of Mariah helped the day go faster.

Certainly an artist like Mariah Carey can't answer every fan letter. But really one would think stuff like this could be disposed in a better manner...

"Editor's" Note: Again I'm shocked and saddened by this report, so much so I just had to take yet another look at Mariah heh heh...
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