Monday, August 08, 2005

Lite Brite: One Crappy Appliance

Lite Brite: Lots of promises, little delivery. Doesn't that pretty much sum this up? Matter a' fack, out of all of the toys that simply didn't rise to expectations, Lite Brite is at the top of the list. Let's face it, it's Lite Brite written 100 times on the list. Turn away now if you’re squeamish, we're going to tell the truth about Lite Brite.

Lite Brite of course was a Hasbro concoction that first hit the shelves in the late '60s. The toy's nice ad campaign in the '70s helped the sales skyrocket. What Lite Brite was a simple. A plastic unit with the freakishly hot light bulb, a grid like deal to hold transcluent and colored pegs. And how could we forget, the black paper that helped you make pictures that would make Picasso proud. Here's the thing. Hasbro only supplied a few pieces of its paper. Once you make a house, the clown, and whatever else; you’re screwed. For some reason, "do it yourself" pics didn’t get the job done either. We know excatly what Lite Brite truly is: Yard Sale Bait. The "good" news? Lite Brite is still being made in a modified design. Goody.

A little boy's first-hand knowledge of "tricity" via the deadly Lite-Brite cube. It didn't go as well as planned...
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