Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Tony Danza Show...Vetrini fired!

We all remember pivotal days. This is not one of them. I was innocently surfing the net for porn and this "bad" news popped up. It appeared that Ereka Vetrini has been relieved of her services on the Tony Danza Show.

Vetrini seems ok with it and said she saw the "writing on the wall." It was more like skywriting to some. Her role seemed to be more and more diminished. Vetrini always retained her role as hostess in Danza's embodiment of shame, "Extravadanza." Daily we saw her fake smile, weak disc tossing and so-so banter with a host who was never one of Hollywood's "great thinkers." What was really odious? The way Tony called Ereka, Vetrini. Cute...

With the on-set banter relagated to the Plinko, er, Extravadanza board, Vetrini had begun to introduce taped portions of her and the show's half-assed "slice of life" exploits. It was during this when we saw Danza, DeVito, Vetrini all take a sharp turn towards the totally lame. Vetrini not only could barely read her intros, on the street and in the salons for the scene of the "crimes" she had all of the warmth of a misanthrope.

To add more fuel to the laugh machine, it appears host Tony Danza isn't too pleased with the news. This doesn't seem to be a case of one "boss" pulling the crocodile tears card all the while high-fiving the jackass who dropped the bomb. Tony's upset and when Tony Danza has entertainment concerns, I have entertainment concerns. Seems like the Tonster doesn't have hand in his own show. He couldn't stop the pink slip train that claimed Ereka and a few producers and whatnot. Tony did try to use that trademark Banta-like charm to stop the insaniety. He indeed try to save Ereka and emotionally cried at to a Buena Vista mucky-muck. Tony cried, "Vetrini, I need Vetrini." To that, the Buena Vista representive reportedly stated, "What you crying about, you next." Tony then angrily slammed the phone down (a rotary one from 1912) and he began to sing a few bars from a stomach turner from the days of yore and woke up 10 hours later in a puddles of his own "sick."

And not to nitpick, certainly my blog isn't exactly Bill Gates approved--but good lord, that Tony Danza site is hella cornyas the might kids say...
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