Thursday, July 21, 2005

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't Rush Sanders

Genetically Engineered Rush Sanders!!!

Sad news, gang. I was just about to put my John Hancock on yet another hi-class deal when my friend, a noted LA musicman told me the skinny: Rush Sanders has been cloned.

I know it's shocking if not stomach turning, this is how it's shaking out. Back in 1993 on the campus of California University, Rush's son Beverly Hills 90210's Steve was fiddling around at the CU laboratory. Rush came to visit him and fell down in a bunch of "goo" that reportedly was patently unpleasant. Apparently the "goo" was tracked onto quite a healthy patch of grass at the campus and it was inadvertently a great breeding ground for said clone. Thoughout the '90s it remained invisible to those not suspectible or criminally insane. After years of doing it's "stuff" in the shadows, Cloned Rush Sanders finally took on a more human form and infiltrated itself in polite society.

Of course the real Sanders knows about his and has been gamely hunting the evil beast that shares his visage. In turn a camera crew is on hand to mark the potentially unsettling meeting between Rush Sanders and his totally revolting counterpart.

Louie Armstrong says, "You know, I never did care for Rush Sanders...".
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