Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thanks For Getting in Touch, God Bless!

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Me and that joker are certainly drinking from the same cup. According to my “bio” I’m a writer. I have to say the endeavor isn’t always that exciting. It’s a very streaky business and since, well 2001 most of my activities have been forged on shaky ground. In fact shortly after 9/11 (when else) I have a furry of things to do. I decided to send my resume and clips to anyone who would be kind enough to read. Of course this was during the same time of the “Anthrax” scare. My bad luck and coupled with a toxin pretty much insured my “info” wouldn’t be read, considered, all of that good stuff.

There was a happier time, however. I began to be a professional writer in the mid ‘90s. It was pretty much good stuff all around. Assignment, clips, replies from known writers. In fact, my life was so much simpler and better, when I had fewer than 10 credits under my belt. Oddly enough, the more assignments, articles I did attain (close to about 300 or so) the less my phone rang when I really needed it. My prospects dimmed, so much so I went to Las Vegas with my friend Fred Sanford and we gambled away all of our savings. Seriously folks, at this point, I have a good two years paddling my wares by the way of snail mail, email, and calls, whatever. Nothing’s worked. Everything worked before.

Make no mistake this isn’t a pity party. Before I turned this entry with a couch session, I wanted to tip my hat to a few stalwarts in my mailbox. When letters from ex-girlfriends, ex-classmates, editors, people I beg for advice, aren’t in my inbox—these good folks are. God love ‘em.

Cigar2U.com-Ahh, this is a help. Hasten my demise while offering reasonable prices on tobacco products why don’t you. I know I signed up for this in 1999, but I keep getting offers and info and I haven’t responded to them once. I’m tapped out and the cigars I smoke are way cheaper than this anyway. Did you know the best cigar is the freshest cigar?

Arca Max-Planet CD.com- I have no idea who these people are, haven’t bothered to read any of the letters they send daily. I don’t know how “we” got in cahoots. Sound like a holdover from the Excite.com days. I did see this in their recent letter, “Make sure this email gets to your inbox (and not your junk folder): just add sales@planetcdrom.com to your e-mail address book or safe list. Thank you!” For real? Oh how odious.

Sara Williams@Greenfield Online.com--Ooh wee, what a barnburner. Every time I’m looking for a “really important” letter, this pops up. Why ask why. Now this I can crack on because I don't give a hot damn. This has to be one of the most boring things anyone has ever received, ever. No words, just tears...
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