Thursday, June 16, 2005

Michael Jackson: Acquitted. How's his recording career? Ah, not so hot...

Michael Jackson waving. All I can say is that's a nifty umbrella... Posted by Hello

Well there you have it. Jackson was acquitted on all 1,3040 counts. Talk about an escape act? Or is it a good run at a chance at a second act. As a pop star, Jackson can't be replaced. His sister is too flaky and has made 10 versions of the same song--for years. Usher is too bumptious and slick. Justin Timberlake? Well he's not all that interesting. In fact, he's reportedly going into the movies where he can become an even more nauseating version of Ryan Philippe. That again brings us to Big Mike. Certainly having him leave the courthouse last Tuesday with nary a scratch was indeed a message to the prosecution. But it's also a message to the pop world. What's that message? It's Michael, you're services are still needed as the King of Pop.

Even after the numerous surgeries, the stomach turning, foolish antics, Jackson has remained one of a kind. It didn't have to be this way. Prince (who's seemingly released 50 albums since Purple Rain) could have become "the man." Nah, not really. Although he's in great financial shape, Prince's career is nothing more than rehashes, too much product and of course the endless comeback bid. He never went anywhere. Madonna is another one. She was in a great position with 1998's Ray of Light but then she got all weird on us. Her last few albums including an unneeded Greatest Hits 2 have all commercially diminished her. The "maverick" grenade tossing statement of her 2003's video "American Life" ended up on the cutting room floor. What we did see was a formally cool person actually rapping--about mocha lattes. At the present time, Maddy is carrying herself like part of the English aristocracy and is writing children's books.

That again is why we need Mike. For sure he's insane and he's now been proven not Dangerous. Despite his mental issues, he can deliver artistically, like he's on automatic pilot or something. For that reason alone, the outcome of the court case is at least interesting. It provided an artistic reprieve. It should be fun to see what happens next.
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