Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pop Culture Idiot is so bad (How bad is it?) It's so bad, Jason should give up the ghost and get a real job. Posted by Hello

Oh oh, it's like that huh Gene Rayburn? You calling me out?

That was me three minutes ago before I realized I was talking to Gene Rayburn and the good folks at PCI told me Mr. Rayburn was no longer with us. Shame on me, fifteen times. This is the part of my blog where I do some self-examination, to see where the Pop Culture Idiot has been and where it's going. The verdict: OK.

Random Thoughts: You know what I found odd above the above picture? That microphone. I've been watching reruns of Match Game and I'm fixated by that gauche, battered thing microphone. What? Did that mike have tough weekends carousing the town, drinking pulling all nighters? Maybe Charles Nelson Reilly smuggled it out of the studio during breaks and had his own Match Game with Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise. Certainly Gene would be lost without it. But back to the subject, why was that mic so battered? Did Gene use it in batting practice with Ron Guidry or something? Why is it bent? See, that's why I like this place, we only talk about the important stuff...

Final Grade For Pop Culture Idiot: Incomplete
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