Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bob Barker: Up To No Good... Posted by Hello

....Sure Bob pretty much coasts on automatic pilot and has done so for years. But when it's time for Plinko, our kindly Bob turns into a man possessed. Included is a pic of Bob away from his fix, we've got a youthful, impressionable fan base here, we don't want the devilish glint in Bob's eyes to offend, sicken or scar.

Some background, the Price is Right started during Plinko in 1983. Reagan was in office doing something or other, MTV was filled with Brit-pop, and Bob was flying high on a feeling called Plinko, or as some call it, Plinko. We all know it, a gaudy, number-laden contraption is hauled out yet again. The contestants (and or enablers) send a chip down a shoot for it to land on a big monetary prize. According to published rumors, Barker wanted a few of the Plinko money tiles replaced with potentially upsetting "requests." The world wasn't ready and Barker was rebuffed. Anyway, if one of the chips are stuck here comes Bob with his Plinko stick digging around, mugging and chatting it up. I'm sick of it. No, we're sick of it.

Pop Culture Idiot Alert: We almost have our eye on one Tony Danza. It seems he has a Plinko like contraption called, "Extravadanza." He has a willing accomplice called "Vetrini" and, well that's all we can say know. Let's say that we are watching and we are not pleased.
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