Sunday, May 15, 2005

Joe Camel: A 90's Icon: Missing...

One of Hollywood's "Young Guns" Camel is pictued playing pool at Christian Slater's bunglow. nbsp;Posted by Hello

As I was getting ready to have some “high profile” yet hush-hush meetings about the future of the Pop Culture Idiot, some sad news reached my desk. I was taken aback, choked back a sob and then decided to bring the “good” news to you. Here it is, keep his under your hat: Joe Camel is missing.

Joe Camel on the set of Blues Brothers 2000. Due to his erratic behavior Camel was replaced by John Goodman.  Posted by Hello

Although we did all have a scare in 1995 when Joe decided to take an extended break (Hazelton), but this time, it’s looking like the situation deserves all of our attention. Here’s the poop. It seems that Joe has been despondent over losing his job as the Camel cigarette pitch man. Joe is and always will be a company man, hence the name change. Sketchy reports have had Joe back to his old ways of hanging out with loose women, smoking crack rock cocaine. The saddest news of all is that Joe has ditched his fashionable clothes, the tasteful Hawaiian shirts, the tuxedos and sold them for what is described as “his medicine..."

Sitting pretty. Camel in happier times. Posted by Hello
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