Monday, May 16, 2005

I Don't Need Andrea, I Don't Need No One! Posted by Hello

Let’s face facts. Jordan Bonner is not going to respond to the pleas from the Pop Culture Idiot. During it’s inception in 1996, Bonner was the first person we wanted to talk to. We always thought that Bonner was a class act, the kind of can-do American that makes us proud. Guess we all were bamboozled.

Flash up all these years later, we are still interested in him even though his plotline ran out of gas the first day he showed up on the Beverly Hills 90210 set. Julian Bonner, I mean Jordan, was the best of Andrea’s mediocre and odd looking boyfriends. Here's his backstory. Jordan made his first appearence on the "Home and Away" episode of Beverly Hills 90210. He went off into the Gulf War, became a martian and then reprised his role. Jason Priestley's hair didn't move during all of this. Jordan became friendly and more than friends with Andrea Zuckerman. Speaking of Andrea, I've been checking out the reruns and did she ever have a nice shape. See that's what Jordan liked and the two began to date of and on.

This is where it gets a little sketchy. In the episode where Kelly develops a 7 day eating disorder, she conks out in the Peach Pit bathroom and has to be taken to the hospital. Andrea and Jordan were lovey-dovey throughout. But something happens. The writers "convienity" have "J" step back so he wouldn't be able to visit Kelly with the rest of the "gang." In Jordan's very last scene he's telling Steve just where the "love of his life" is. And as Steve walks away, Jordan glares at him like he stole something.

That was the last we saw of Jordan Bonner. He was referenced in the later "prom" episode but our friend was gone. Jordan Bonner: 1668-1993, he was totally lying about his age...
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