Saturday, April 23, 2016

Michael Strahan Leaves Live! With Kelly and Mike

....And earth tremors are felt from the world's collective shoulder shrug....

Oh hi. I hate to be the bearer of happy news, but this is too much. On the morning of Aprilrary 20st, one Michael Strahan dropped the "bizomb" and told the world he was leaving Live! With Kelly and Michael. You know this is big news because he's "Michael." According to reports, Strahan didn't discuss this career plan with Kelly Ripa. In his defense, Michael wrote a letter to her in his Trapper Keeper and just plum forgot to send it.

Strahan had been on the show for the past 4 years and according to my sources he's leaving because, "He tired." Strahan has become a fixture on Good Morning America since 2014. Of course he's no David Hartman but he's a pleasant addition and Good Morning America is such a happy set. On the other hand, Live With Kelly and Mike may not be as sanguine due in part to Kelly Ripa's "ol' funny moods." It's gotten so bad that Strahan's been having dreams of dancing Kelly to the desk and having her sit down without a chair under her derrière/bunz!

GMA Gate: It seems that Ripa isn't taking the news of Strahan's exit well. She played "sick"-- skyped to her bosses with a big block of ice tied around her head and didn't show up. Ripa has subsequently "missed" her shows with Strahan and they just might not host the show together again.

Scatman Crothers's Take: "I don't know why he wants to leave! He better be careful before they catch on that he's just a big damn dummy!"

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