Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Fab Life: A Review From Someone Who Hates Television

Oh hi. You know since the jailhouse turned me 'a loose, I've got more time to talk about television. That's good and bad news. Guess what? I had a blog about the Fab Life already in the drafts but I forgot to post it. Darn it! And now it grieves me, pleases me to tell you that Miss Tyra Banks is leaving the show she helped to create. I know, I know I almost dropped a load in my Toughskins when I heard the news. Here's the rundown.

The Fab Life is a horrible, lifestyle show that features Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, some Asian fella with a husband, a fix it lady and a blonde blob who was 15 month pregnant. Anyway when the Fab Life debuted the big draw seemed to be a more mature Tyra Banks. You know, she got a new haircut and seemed to play grand-dame to her panel of lesser those no less important people. It was all a lie. Within a few weeks, the cracks started to show and I don't mean Chrissy Teigen's. Banks's new found maturity seemed to crumble in one episode when she tried to get another decade of pity points by talking about Naomi Campbell--again. The subsequent shows found her looking less interested, playing hooky and smoking behind the school with the rest of the dead heads. Kids today!

Part 2-

On the days of Tyra Banks is out, about and riding her broom, Chrissy Teigen takes the lead. The show is a bit better. I bet working with Tyra is like working alongside your supervisor. You know, you pretend to like one another, laugh out loud at unfunny jokes and all the while you hate one another. Anyway the Tyra-less shows are a breeze, Teigen doesn't seem to pontificate from on high like Banks does and in a way Teigen ends up being the fun presence Banks was--for about two weeks.

Part 16, 17

I have no idea what's going to happen to The Fab Life. The rating are bad, bad and Tyra Banks escaped so the prognosis is suicide. Tyra Banks wants to kill her show stone dead!

Grade ** 1/2

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