Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jenny McCarthy's First Day on the View

Oh hi. It's big doings entertainment-wise. First my staff alerted me that Bachman-Turner Overdrive broke up and now this major story. In the mid-summer, it was announced that long-time co-host Elisabeth Hasselback would not be back to torture us on the View. The list of replacements was brief and everyone pretty much new that Jenny McCarthy would have the job. For the first show of the Season 17, McCarthy appeared and the crowd applauded and stuff. The show also had a segment with McCarthy and co-host Sherri Shephard traveling through New York and running into celebs. Wee, hee, hilarious!

As a co-host, McCarthy did fit in and the show was like the View used to be without the political vitriol and bad energy that came from the the exited Hasselback. The first guest? It was McCarthy's boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg from Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds, the New Kids on the Block. The two acted all lovey dovey and the kicker? Those fools have only been together for 2 damn months. Wahlberg was so happy he forgot to talk about his father Tom Selleck and the work they do as cops in Boston.

McCarthy's debut also coincided with an odious segment called "The Year of Barbara." Yep, you heard right, Barbara Walters is retiring in 2014 after 194 years in the business. Young Michael Buble sang some mushy song of regret and when Barbara wasn't looking, he took out a syringe and injected into Babs's neck. Tune in next week to see the gruesome effects!

Take 2: When I turned it on, Whoopi Goldberg seemed extra spacey was didn't utter a word. Despite her demented clown-like visage, it seemed like Shepherd is going to miss her old partner-in-stupid. Joy Behar, according to reports, is still missing.

Grade ** 1/2
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