Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Today Show: The Ballad of Ann Curry

Oh hi. Oh lordy, this is news I didn't want to hear. In fact when I heard the rumblings,  I cried like a little bitty baby. Anyway, word on the street is that NBC all about making my Ann Curry get a move on with the quickness. Ay gads. Reports have been swirling that the spiraling Today Show is looking to make a move, a desperate move by sending co-host marching on her way. According to reports, the ratings have been falling steadily. My contact in Hollywood also told me that part of Matt Lauer  recent re-signing with the show was contingent on the fact that Ann Curry would be canned.Yikes!

<----Pictured Miss Ann with Balding McGinty. Randy Jackson looks on....

Problems All The Time: The problems with Ann Curry and Matt Lauer being co-anchors seemed to start at the very being. It seems that Matt was nursing crushes from his escaped earlier co-hosts Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira (the second Katie.) Despite the fact that Ann and Matt had been working together for 16 years, and sometimes as co-anchors, Lauer seemed to believe that the chemistry was a work-in-progress. Yeah right.

My Take 1: If I put on my sleuthing cap, I'd say that Lauer has a subtle disdain for Ann. It's clear in their his remarks that Lauer preferred a brother-sister relationship like the one he had with Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira. The reason why this didn't happen might be chalked up to many reasons, one of which being, Matt Lauer is a "racists." Yeah I said it, "racists." Or maybe Curry doesn't satiate Lauer's pointless and annoying "sibling ribbing" chemistry that typified his mornings with Katie and Meredith. Yep, he's that provincial.

My Take 2: If this latest TV news tragedy shows me anything, it shows the machinations of the dirty ol' television business. Today's ratings are declining--so here's an convenient scapegoat: Miss Ann Curry. In a way, people have been really tough on Curry forever, more so than other newsreaders. No one talks about boring Natalie Morales is or the perpetual weirdness that is Savannah Guthrie. How about Matt Lauer? He's pretty much taken all of the lessons he cribed from Bryant Gumbel and turned it into a cynical and bland amalgamation that all but makes TV's turn off by themselves. But all fingers point to Curry--even as Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer's reign truly marked the institution's decline. And to be honest? Today's biggest failure and stumbling block is Today. It's become a horrible, empty show-- for me, Curry is the only likable thing about it.
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