Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silk Stalkings: Freudian Slip

You know I like Silk Stalkings. Late in the evenings after I send the staff home, I like to relax by playing Silk Stalkings episodes on my 8 track player.

Good news.This third season episode had oodles of fun. This told the story of an ex-jock with a crazy/wanton wife. The jock in this episode was played by Scott Geyer. TV fanatics might remember him as quart back No 13 or something from 1st and Ten. Here he's the former college teammate of our friend Chris. Rita and Chris saw Joe at some 90s party where they chit-chatted, etc. Of course after the visit, Rita spied Joe putting hands on his flirtatious old lady in a strong way. Oh no, don't tell me.

Despite his surname, Joe Mannes had problems with his ding-ding. They were zooming off down the highway, they stopped, had words and fought. That sad occurrence caused her to sleep with her sleazy therapist, Dr. Robin Anthony. The very idea...It was her last night of tossing and turning too, she wound up dead. Jezebel! At the same time she was getting burnt with hot candle wax, Joe was getting his ass beat in some dive bar. The circle of life...

 You know Chris and Rita got suspicious when they saw him all beaten and bloodied. There was no need for gabbing, Joe got arrested!!! Being the astute law enforcing folks they are, Rita went to go see the aforementioned therapist herself. Good thing, she's always been crazy. Although this was all work, something tells me Rita Lee enjoyed this part of the gig. She even arranged a date with him. Is she that damn dumb? As far as this script goes the answer is: Yes!

Turns out Dr. Robin (as pictured) left a string of murders and rapes all over Maryland. Maryland? Oh no, we were under siege! And guess what, the M.O. was the same as what claimed Miss Morgan. Even worse? Rita Lee was digging through Robin's chest of drawers and saw his stash of photos of women chained, tied n' bound. After a few words they ended up outside where Chris shot Robin in his back and front. Gone.

Good News: The last scene had Chris and Rita meeting a free Joe on the beach. He was reflecting and whatnot and he later said he was offered a job as a coach. I started to cry.

Where the Story Goes: While talking with Rita, Joe thought about her in her bloomers and had his first erection in 15 years.

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