Saturday, July 03, 2010

Engelbert Humperdinck-Release Me b/w The Spanish Night Is Over

Oh hi. Would you believe I finally saw these videos? I don't know what the hold up was, well anyway, here's two lost classics from 1985 and 1986 respectively

Engelbert Humperdinck-Release Me. Release you? How about "Please Kill Me..." 1985 was an interesting year in pop culture. The first alien from another planet touched down on US soil. The kids were texting, yak yaking on the answer phone and doing the Charleston. And of course, Engelbert Humperdinck was riding the charts. What!?!? (insert screeching tires sound.) Actually the opposite was true. According to the press reports, Humperdinck was gearing himself up for an acting career. He let his freak flag fly, grew his hair out into a mullet and acquired a mustache. Take a look at that nasty thing, it looks like the left over fur of a mouse wedged behind the fridge. Other than that he's looks great.

This is a dreaded re-recording of his 1810 hit, "Release Me." Engelbert had to take it to the video age with this oh-so gauzy dreamlike mid '80s night/day mare. I'm still aghast at that blousy pink shirt and those Dad Jeans. Hey Pops, you snoring over there? His leading ladies aren't great here either, they look like B movie doxies or they're just dressed that way. Dreadful all around.


Engelbert Humperdinck-The Spanish Night Is Over Now this is better. Engelbert apparently arrested his tum-tum bloat and is looking like, well, a jewel thief on an episode of Matt Houston. After his soap opera/movie star dreams came tumbling down, he got back to the business of entertaining us with unwarrantably old-timey and upsetting fare. And will you check out those specs around 0:24. I've got to tell you it's a joy to see put Engelbert putting on a fashion clinic, those threads! He must have really went off at Chess King. Are my eyes deceiving me or am I seeing Chams de Baron or the related style. Whatever it is, it's cool--you know the ladies still like men who dress like this, for Halloween

The song is a bit on the fatuous side. By this point, Dinck seemed to give up all aspirations of doing gunk like this seriously hence the cheesy grins, unctuous manner and boorish delivery. What there any other way? That said I'm a big fan, oddly I really am.

***1/2 The half is earned for those happening clothes.
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