Monday, January 25, 2010

Goodnight Coco

The Tonight Show With Conan O' Brien- I've been in lock down for the past few weeks. I shanked a guard, escaped and look who's back! Upon my arrival I found that creaky ol' Jay Leno stole the Tonight Show from under Conan's feet. Wrong! My crack staff has told me the specifics and I'm still horrified. But I'm undeterred. I'm going to break this down for my fellow dyslexics who just want the facts, or the stacfs...

Conan was named the host of the Tonight Show about 11 months ago. He'd been on for 7 months. His ratings were low--and much lower than Crazy Uncle Jay. To make matters worse, Fathead Jay was laying in the cut with his own prime-time show at 10 PM. It tanked, it was canceled...

Look a bird... Anyway NBC had a great plan to move Jay to 11:35 for a half-hour show. Jay said sure. Conan said no because it would move the Tonight Show to 12:05, Jimmy Fallon to 3 AM and Carson Daly on the streets where he'd be knocking people in the head for spending change. It wasn't to be. Coco put his pimp hand down and let folk know he wasn't going out like Poindexter. Good for him. Leno's going back to the Tonight Show, O' Brien got something like 45 million dollars to go away. Good deal, I wish someone who give me 45 million dollars to go away, at this point I'd take 25 cents.

Aftermath- After the last show, I went on a crime spree and just became a one-man destroying machine. See what Jay Leno made me do!
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