Monday, June 15, 2009

Episode Review: Miami Vice-Streetwise

In 1986 Dick Wolf wanted to make Miami Vice tackle the important issues. You know what real fans of the show said? Forget about it. Streetwise is episode 10 of the series 3rd mercurial season. It was really like 3 series in one. This is the one I liked with lots of shooting and unintentionally hilarious stuff.

This episode feature one Deborah L. Adair, as Carla, the world's goofiest prostitute. She had a relationship with a cop named Vince Romano (Bill Paxton.) This wasn't scintillating. In fact this episode had echoes of earlier Vice ep's like Heart of Darkness and Little Miss Dangerous. All of this was excluded better elsewhere.

Enough complaining. The highlight of this episode was seeing Tubbs have to become "Butch." The world's fastest rising and mouthiest pimp. Philip Michael Thomas clearly had too much fun with this. Butch was able to go toe to toe with Wesley Snipes as Silk and he shared the bejesus out of young Carla. "Don't hurt me too bad" she cried. Butch then became Tubbs again and flashed his badge. I pooped myself.

Favorite Line: While Tubbs/Butch is formulating a plan with Carla to take over Silk's business, Carla's dragging her feet. "I can't do that" she says like she's Scandinavian or something. Tubbs/Butch loses his shit and yells "You think your stuff is worth 5 grand, it ain't!" Still hilarious.

Spoiler Alert: Bill Paxton's character Romano ends up riddled with bullets. No surprise there. He died in the field a hero, trying to rescue his coke head/prostitute girlfriend from them streets! She hit them again in record time.

Carla, the misunderstood street lady.

That Song, That Horrible Song:
Don Johnson's broken-down rock n' roll track "Streetwise" is featured in this episode. Stop singing Crockett!

*** out of 5.
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