Friday, May 15, 2009

Bill Richardson Dancing: A Review

Bill Richardson-Cutting the Fool....

Sadly all of the high-ranking business deals I had planned had to be put on hold. This tragedy had to be addressed. On May 4th, Billy Richardson appeared at a party and started "dancing." Really I do have to say I've never seen a more happy politician. During his presidential run last year all Bill had to do is look at Obama and he'd beam like a school girl. And let's not forget the beard. When Bill's wearing the beard, we know he's extra happy. See video!

The Review:

0:03 Well after Bill's little "funny" at the very beginning, he launched into a flurry of old-school semi-dance moves that surely make the uninitiated a bit queasy. Was that the stiff leg? How about the shing-a-ling? Kill me now.

0:07-0:14 I don't know what the hell he's doing. It's like he's caught in some magnetic field. The aliens are locking Billy's legs, they don't want him to dance! Yet he dances on as Selena goads him on. That's when Jana asks Dancing Man, "Is that the Robot? That's the robot..." Uh oh. It's on.

0:17-0:23 Despite his cheesy grin, I bet Bill's a bit pissed at the Robot comment. He does a few more perfunctory moves and than runs off stage like he's on fire.

Since I was at the party, I heard the conversation that happened later. Warning: It's not pretty.

Bill Richardson: I caught that robot comment, not cool.

Jana: I was just saying---(Crosstalk)

Bill Richardson: Peep this. If you think I'm playing, try me I was...

Jana: Are you OK?

Bill Richardson: Gurl please!

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