Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Petty Annoyance: People Pointing In Photos

I'm a loving man, but this is one of my pet peeves, people pointing in pictures. I hate it. Oddly enough I can tell what kind of person is going to be a picture pointer. They are normally show-bizzy, ingratiating, duplicitous sorts. The following pictures are some of the saddest examples.

Etta James and
Beyoncé This picture has taken on a quaint feeling, since might not happen again given hatred Etta unleashed towards Beyoncé . This pose is annoying yet illustrates the utter silliness of the practice. Hey Beyoncé , there's no need to point, we can see Etta, fool! I mean, I mean, nice lady, hee hee...And from the looks of it, Etta's not having much of it. She looks pissed off. Now that's a shocker.

Annoyance Scale: 6

Carlos Santana- Finger Pointer Per Excellence- This has become his trademark, along with those little hats. Can I say I prefer the aloof Carlos Santana who would steal away, trip on some hallucinating agents and play something totally insane. I'll take Santana circa 1981 to this pointing guy. Here 'Los is pointing at Clive Davis. Also pictured is Whitney Houston during her 15th comeback attempt.

Carlos with Dina Lohan pointing again I see...

Annoyance Factor
: 9

Randy Jackson-Here's another chronic pointer. Jackson has seemed to master this revolting trait. See, this is Randy tacitly telling us it's not about him, it's about the other person he's posing with. How magnanimous. Believe it or not, we don't need this gesture, we know who the other person is, it's Sam and Dave.

It's a sickness...He's never going to stop is he. I bet you he'd quit if I bent his fingers back until they crick-cracked and twisted like pretzels..That would learn him something. And you've got to know people think he's such moron for this stagey, increasingly distasteful pose.

Annoyance Factor: 11. I added a point for those silly shirts.

Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake-While people still do point in pictures as evidenced in the above photos, no one could do it like these guys circa 2003. So phony. For some reason these pics incense me more than Crazy Ol' Randy Jackson or Carlos Santana. If I was there I'd backhand them both, shake them until their teeth chattered and then of course get hauled away. It would be worth it!

Bonus Pic: Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas- Carlos isn't pointing, it all seems wrong somehow...
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