Friday, January 16, 2009

TV Junk and Horror

It's all getting worse. My TV viewing habits are closing in around me. This is a plea for help...

Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels- Just when you think it couldn't get worse, they put this tragedy on wheels. I've tried to be tolerant at the idea of Bret Michaels leaping out of the '80s to take up TV space where Natalie Merchant videos should be. No more. I'm sick of women carrying on like he's Dick Powell or something. From here he's a washed-up singer with hair courtesy of My Little Pony. It would have almost better if they took a chance on a broken down man like me. Nah, that's just too sad.

Confessions of a Teen Idol- Make that former teen idol. Quite a few of these gennamen haven't been on a young girl's wall since Reagan was in his right mind. Scott Baio (what?) plays the old sage here and will set them on the right path to be annoying in both the past and present tense. And you know what? This show is actually interesting. Unlike the other show above, it's a certain depth to it. I'm just saddened I wasn't asked to join. I didn't tour the country as Li' Jason Elias back in the '20s for nothing!

Trivial Pursuit- I was innocently sending off a care package of hand grenades when I heard a strange voice. It was a familiar whine, like a siren, it went right through my nervous. No cause for alarm, it wasn't no one but Peter Brady and or Christopher Knight. I wish you could have seen my initial horror seeing that face, again. Really? He's actually very good as a TV host.

Added Bonus: A few weeks back Trivial Pursuit hosted Brady Week. Your eyes aren't deceiving you, Tramp isn't there and neither is Maureen McCormick. Around the same time she was promoting her smoking, drinking, cocaining book. I don't know about you, but I can't bear to hear Marcia acting like that.

Post-It Note: Pick up Maureen McCormick's book.

Keyshia Cole-The Way It Is... This is the best worst show ever. It's on what seems like its 15th season. Cole is odd all on her own, her family? Ridiculous. My looking in on Young Keyshia is strictly avuncular in nature, I want to see/hear what the kids are finger popping to. They all tell me Keyshia is where it's at.

The episodes I've seen so far have already emblazoned themselves in my REM sleep. I remember Keyshia giving her jeans away to underprivileged children. I also remember seeing a CD listening party with people pretending that she can actually sing in tune. Enablers.

Part 2: I wrote about her in my journal. Let's take a look.

"I like like Keyshia Cole and I hate her too, hate to like her, like to hate her, I...."
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