Saturday, October 01, 2005

Kind of Watching It TV: Breaking Bonaduce

Talk about bait n' switch. At first when I saw that Danny Bonaduce was doing a reality program, I was positively sanguine. In fact thought it would be nice to see a personality we've all grown up with, facing his problems and demons. Little did I know this was still an ongoing process. I always thought Bonaduce was a bright guy but seeing him in this shape is a wee bit painful.

Given the sick, voyeuristic reality fare VH-1 has been putting forth, my recall on this isn't the greatest. I've seen enough to know the following: Danny's crazy. Breaking Bonaduce shows Danny totally out of control, injecting steroids on camera and pumping iron like a man possessed, etc. His marriage looks like it's teetering on dunzo too. This show takes a lot of time in the psychologist office and Danny and his wife Gretchen aren't exactly model patients. The last thing I saw was Danny ready to rip some jokers head off and then I turned away. This is brutal stuff--and not that entertaining.

An Idiot's Three Cents: I don't think we can say being a child star caused this. Regardless of his former notoriety, I think Danny might have had problems anyway. He seems to love being hyper, I bet he'd mainline electricity if he could. A-

Danny and Gretchen during a therapy session. I did that for a little while, if a little while is shorthand for 14 years.
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