Friday, October 28, 2005

Everyone Loves the Chevy Chevette

You know looking for pics for this, at first the search engine brought nothing. Then it said, "Do You Mean Chevy Corvette." Oh, Contrary. I know what I'm looking for and the Chevy Chevette's got it all. Like a lot of little round cars like the stylish Pinto or the self-aggrandizing Le Car, the Chevette was durable and simple. The fact that is sucked is a fact I can totally overlook.

Although the Chevette was made from 1976 to 1987, the cultural peak was probably the late '70s and early '80s. Who can forget those interviews where the superstars talked about their Chevettes. That's how the Chevette got its name, "Chevettes: The Car That Superstars Talk About." Despite its stolid and bland presentation, the Chevette went through quite a few changes both mechanical and cosmetic. It didn't matter, the car was doomed to be an object of mirth, derision and embarrassment.

The '90s seemed to bring dark times for the Chevette label. In many neighborhoods it was the car most seen on the side of the road and "smoking." During my stint as a first class hitch-hiker, the Chevette's seemed to have the "kookiest" people behind the wheel. The stench was noxious more often than not, but I digress. These days the Chevette are now the preferred vehicle to have pushed into the woods with weeds growing where a windshield used to be. In all seasons, the Chevette rules!

A horror movie in the making...
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