Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A True Idiot: Fat Joe

Fat Joe likes the View. Hats off for Joey Crack, Crack, Crack! Sorry I've been "away" I was dealing with some private business. Oh yeah word to the wise, turns out it is a crime to visit a closed store at 2AM and hurl a brick through a window. I've made a note. Anyway this guy is such a star of today that I have to dust off my meaningless award just for him.

And what a charming guy this is. Fat Joe has been in the public eye since the late '90s. We often saw him in cahoots with the late Big Punisher. Although their styles did seem analogous, Fat Joe often gave us kernels of wisdom from his totally crime-breaking life as a "street pharmacist" But isn't that what we like about him? Unlike genuine thugs like Jack Jones, it's clear that Joey has turned away from his life of wrong-doing to becoming a role-model of kids today. And what example is he setting for the children? How to hasten your own demise. It seems that Fat Joe has become embroiled in a war of words with equally tiresome 50 Cent. Yeah that 50 Cent. Seems our Joey has called 50 Cent a wanksta, a coward and added "that dude's hilarious to me." We're going to miss Fat Joe. Nah, just kidding, Joey's still with us making those songs for record machines all over the world!

Never one for ostentatious jewelry...
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