Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Russ Mitchell and Ira Joe Fisher: Chef on a Shoestring

Look at them, twins of deception. You know those two, the jerks from the CBS Early Show. If you think Matt Lauer and Al Roker are sophmoric, you should get a lot of these guys when they are on a "roll." Since its inception in 1997, these dunderheads have been the constant. How horrifying is that? And when you think of Mitchell and Ira Joe Fisher, I think of one thing, Chef on a Shoestring.

During this we see the serious-newsman Mitchell channeling Bryant Gumbel--who by the way was the king of making this BS fun. Mitchell? Not so much. Ira joe Fisher always appears out of nowhere chomping on something or other and mugging for the camera. Mitchell and Ira Joe Fisher are total jackasses. At the end of the segment, Mitchell gets to read the ingredients. Oh goody. It's doubtful folks are running for their pens for this one. They probably aren't getting these recipes via the internet. In layman's terms: No one gives a hoot...
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