Saturday, July 30, 2005

Not The Temptations

Hello again. Just came back from yet another meeting. Good news, I just got probation. On the brighter side it seems that the world is beginning to like a blog that takes the time to talk about things like Musterole and talents such as Carl Ballantine. That leads me to a group of seven consumate entertainers who sent me a press kit I happily threw in the garbage. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the Fake Temptations. This is a group that tours under the heading of being "lookalikes" to the talented and much changed group. Lookalikes? Who's fooling who? I see Lillo Thomas, Steadman, Chuck Brown and or one of the Neville Brothers plus two dead ringers for guys who turned latter day Muhammed Ali into a punch clown. But that's just my deal.
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